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Our Eclectic Range

If you're looking for a truly unique garment for a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, special birthday or school formal, you're bound to find it at Romany Woman.

Our extensive range of period clothing includes both dresses and separates, in a breathtaking array of colours, fabrics and styles; and focuses on the beauty of the garments of bygone times such as the Mediaeval and Gothic eras.


Tarot Reading

Our Tarot Readings take place in a relaxed, friendly environment and every effort is made to ensure that clients feel completely comfortable.

Tarot Readings are available at Romany Woman six days a week. Please phone if you have any further questions or to book an appointment to have your cards read.


Statues & Garden Decor

From our selection of statues and garden decor you can create a serene and tranquil garden corner to sit and relax; or perhaps you're looking for a decorative centre piece that not only looks great but also adds an exotic feel to your garden.  

Browse our extensive range of statues and sculptures, now available for purchase online.

Homewares & World Craft

Whether you're looking for a unique wooden relief, an eye catching decorative piece, or some meditative and calming imagery for your home or working environment, you can find it at Romany Woman.

Browse our extensive range of homewares and world craft, now available for purchase online.

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  • Tarot Reading

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  • Statues & Garden Decor

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  • Homewares & World Craft

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Welcome to Romany Woman

At Romany Woman, we "dare to be different" and cater for like-minded customers. Our esoteric and eclectic range covers everything including handmade world crafts and gifts, gorgeous mediaeval garments and clothing ideal for special occasions such as weddings and formals, handcrafted jewellery and gemstones, together with substantial sculptures, statues and decor suitable for display in the garden.

Online shop now open for business!

At last, we have made a selection of our products available for purchase online. Browse our range of statues and garden decorhomewares and world craft.


Buddha's Face


Buddha Head (medium)


Golden Dragon


Turtle (ceramic)


Buddha Sun Mask


Shoalin Monk (black)


Celtic Claddagh Pendant


Trinket Boxes


Elephant (large)


Taliesins Triangle Pendant


Buddha Mask


Buddha Head (white wash)

Tarot ReadingsTarot readings are available at Romany Woman 6 days a week. Phone to book a consultation.

We believe people are more important than products. Our environment is relaxed and unpretentious, evidenced by the warm welcome and helpful advice you will receive upon entering either of our locations, in Williamstown. Our friendly staff will dedicate the time and attention necessary to help you find what you're looking for.

Romany Woman is a beautiful place to browse through some truly lovely one-off garments and accessories. You'll find our shops an ideal place to find a gift for the person who "has everything" - chances are we can find you a perfect gift that they have never before heard of nor seen. We'll even wrap it for you - free of charge.

If you're tired of shopping in places that all look and sound the same, selling the same products, and where doing something about assisting those on the poverty line is forsaken for increasing profits and the bottom line, then come visit us. We see the global picture, but "mainstream" is not in our vocabulary!